Unglamorous Sampler gatefold vinyl album


New punky all-women bands Virginia’s Wolves, Velvet Crisis, Glitch Magnet, Dada Women, The Wonky Portraits, Ruby Psyclone, Venus Attax and The Verinos



Who expects women of all ages to suddenly start learning to play instruments, forming garage bands and writing their own songs. But this is exactly what happened in small UK city Leicester in the last two years.

Unglamorous Sampler is an old-style punk compilation album, brought right up to date by a bunch of sparky women who have created an amazingly fun local scene as they “challenge the prissy global music business” with some great tunes, biting lyrics and raw garage music.

The gatefold sleeve is a journalistic work in itself, with band photos and information, history of the unglamorous scene, a manifesto and quotes from individual women about how they got started. This is Unglamorous Music’s first vinyl release with 1000 pressed and it’s expected to sell out so pre-order for delivery around release day 7th July 2023. If you order from overseas (and Europe, sorry), we know the shipping costs can be massive, and it might be worth comparing the prices on Bandcamp or Rough Trade sites depending on the region you’re in.

Track List


  1. Virginia’s Wolves – Feedback
  2. Velvet Crisis – Scratch That Itch
  3. Glitch Magnet – Jurassic Party Planning
  4. Dada Women – Free To Roam
  5. The Wonky Portraits – Out Out
  6. Ruby Psyclone – Dragonfly Vodka


  1. Venus Attax – Mediocre Men
  2. The Wonky Portraits – Handsy
  3. Virginia’s Wolves – Violent Birds
  4. The Verinos – Are These Men Bugging You?
  5. Dada Women – Hammerhead
  6. Velvet Crisis – Lions

Additional information

Weight 320 g
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 0.5 cm


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