Unglamorous Sampler Album released 7th July 2023

Something amazing happened in Leicester over the last 18 months. Unglamorous proved that there’s huge untapped talent and potential in women who might be considered too old to start learning musical instruments, writing songs and forming bands. Not only have these bands created a super-cool local music scene that’s fun and creative for everyone, but now we’re releasing an album of 12 songs by eight all-women bands.

Ruth Miller, who ran the original workshops, was so amazed at the quality of songs that beginner women were writing that she decided to record and release this album…

“…not as a home recording released solely in digital form, which might have cost a few hundred pounds, but referencing those local punk compilations of the ’70s and ’80s which don’t get made these days. The gatefold vinyl sleeve is a beautiful artefact in itself with photos and quotes from all of the bands and a colour inner sleeve charting the progress of Unglamorous coming out of Leicester’s unique Covid lockdown experiences. I wanted the musicians to experience a professional recording studio to get the best sound from their raw performances. I wanted it mastered by a great female engineer. Releasing on vinyl, CD and digitally needs a lot more money and I’m so proud to have raised over £12k via Kickstarter to do this. So much of the spirit, attitude and simplicity of this comes from punk. Like punk, the ideas are spreading to ordinary women – and others of all ages – around the world!”

The pressure is now on to get news of the album out into the world. If you haven’t been involved with the Kickstarter campaign, the best way to find out is by subscribing to the unglamorous Bandcamp page, from where we will eventually sell downloads, CDs and LPs.

Looking forward to it all happening!

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  1. Amazing ACHEIVEMENT. well done Ruth et al.

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