Recording the Unglam Bands October 2022

Yesterday, 30th October 2022, we started to record songs by women musicians in Leicester who have formed bands and created new garage art rock – many of them as beginners. There’s so much to say about this interesting music project and it’s been hard to document it all when everyone’s so busy with creativity and events.

But from our coverage in The Guardian today, we’ve suddenly had hundreds of views and followers, So I’m intending to post loads more information and photos about the eight all-women bands that have formed in Leicester as part of unglamorous, and are now about to make a compilation LP which is ground-breaking in that all the musicians and songwriters are women, with plenty of them being much older than the typical person starting out in music.

I shall sort this blog site out ASAP! Thanks for subscribing.

Ruth Miller

2 responses to “Recording the Unglam Bands October 2022”

  1. Great to read about women challenging stereotypes. 65year old stand ??? Is that even possible?

  2. Loved reading about you in the Guardian- feel pleased your socials are slightly thin, as it shows you are busy doing more interesting stuff. You sound awesome, such a great idea, keep going, bring it to London. Peace x

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